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This property has been in the Meling family for over 115 years. David Lang and his wife Sandra Meling purchased the ranch from Aida’s children in 2004. We have fixed things up and continue to offer a safe, comfortable environment for our guests visiting Baja from all over the world.

We offer our guests clean, comfortable rooms. A dining room where our guests can chow down on some great food. Nice grass and garden areas. And lots of activities like hiking, biking, swimming, horseback riding, etc.

The Ranch is also a great place to stay for those groups or individuals planning to visit Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park. It is about a 30 min. drive from the Ranch. Or those wanting to visit and tour the National Astronomical Observatory located in the national park. It is located 50 km from the Ranch.

The Ranch is still a working cattle ranch. We usually have about a hundred head of cattle ranging on the 10,000 acre ranch at all times. So don’t be surprised if you’re out walking and you see a few of them. There is also an abundance of wildlife in this area. You may see deer, bobcats, quail, rabbits, pumas, coyotes and many more wild animals that live here.

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